2020 Power Broker Winners

Below is a complete list of 2020 Power Broker winners. You can sort by winner, firm or category. Click on a winner’s name to view their full profile. To view the winners from 2019, click here.

Name Firm Category
Brutto, Amy Marsh & McLennan Agency At-Large
Wilson, Jr., Will McNeal, Sports & Wilson At-Large
Klein, Matt Lockton At-Large
Bell, Megan Aon At-Large
Lewis, Corey Aon At-Large
Dorion, James Willis Towers Watson At-Large
Chauvin, Christian Alliant Insurance Services At-Large
Cianciulli, Joseph Marsh At-Large
Frost, TJ HUB International At-Large
Cafferelli, Joseph Alliant Insurance Services At-Large
Durrant, Matthew Aon At-Large
Jackson, William Gallagher At-Large
Gallagher, Maureen AssuredPartners At-Large
Hyde, Diana Willis Towers Watson At-Large
Gorman, Maureen Marsh At-Large
Educate, Phil Marsh At-Large
Long, Linda Leigh Marsh At-Large
Atherton, Edward Marsh At-Large
Santini, Jason Marsh Captives
Felker, Justin Gallagher Captives
Christensen, Kathryn Aon Captives
Serricchio, Michael Marsh Captives
Taylor, John Aon Captives
Kranz, Peter Beecher Carlson Captives
Pratt, Brian Frank H. Furman Inc. Construction
Kendrick , Daniel Marsh Construction
Vorobets, Serge Newfront Insurance Construction
Stark, Carol Aon Construction
Hunt, Brian Aon Construction
Brockmann, David Gallagher Construction
Patel, Payal Marsh Cyber
Gilbertson, Keith Gallagher Cyber
Levy, Florence Marsh Cyber
Young, Susan Marsh Cyber
Billy, Samantha Aon Cyber
Sylvester, Joey Gallagher Cyber
Pousson , Paul Gallagher Education
Kenny, Kate Marsh Education
Cardoza, Zachary Mercer Education
Montgomery, Michele Gallagher Education
Campisi, Thomas Marsh Education
Koster, Teresa Gallagher Education
Garrard, Susan Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Leighton, Mary Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Ventosa, Diego Marsh Renewable Energy
Thompson, Cody Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Lania, Amanda Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Burack, Todd McGriff, Seibels & Williams Renewable Energy
Bryan, Richard Marsh Energy
Rizvi, Ali Marsh Energy
Sakellakis, Elias Aon Energy
O'Neill, Jon Marsh Energy
Logan, Rob McGriff, Seibels & Williams Energy
McGrath, Cara Alliant Insurance Services Energy
Fixter, Amber Willis Towers Watson Environmental
Sandfrey, Tony EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants Environmental
Pilling, Ian Aon Environmental
West, Max Aon Environmental
Vetter, James Marsh Environmental
Nichols, Grant CAC Specialty Environmental
Ziegler, Nicole McGriff Insurance Services Employee Benefits
Beach, Stephanie Mercer Employee Benefits
Ryan, Bill Aon Employee Benefits
Gilbert, Shannon Gallagher Employee Benefits
Williams, Michael Mercer Employee Benefits
Thompson, Brandi Vertus Employee Benefits
Miller, Laurie 2HB Human Resources & Benefits Solutions Employee Benefits
Harper, Craig Alliant Insurance Services Employee Benefits
Herbruck, Chris Gallagher Employee Benefits
Glass, William McGriff Insurance Services Employee Benefits
Dixit, Puneet Alliant Insurance Services Employee Benefits
Raaker, Emily Gallagher Employee Benefits
Wilman-Saylor, Skylar Reiff & Associates LLC Entertainment
Underwood, Katie Aon Entertainment
Baum, Aaron Marsh Entertainment
Giannisis, Blake Aon Entertainment
Clancy, Kyle Aon Entertainment
Cohen, Seth HUB International Entertainment
Weiss Schaffer, Emily DeWitt Stern Fine Arts
Reid, Adrienne Huntington T. Block Fine Arts
Marcin, Lynn Huntington T. Block Fine Arts
Abecasis, Michelle HUB International Fine Arts
Marcigliano, Kristina DeWitt Stern Fine Arts
Rappa, Anne Huntington T. Block Fine Arts
Mahmood, Ammad Aon Financial Services
Garrigus, David HUB International Financial Services
McCarrick, Clare Willis Towers Watson Financial Services
Montes, Ryan Marsh Financial Services
Nevinski, Dennis Aon Financial Services
Anderson, Brian Marsh Financial Services
Rodgers, Leigh Ann Marsh Hospitality
Grimes, Lindsay Marsh Hospitality
Scheinman, Greg Insgroup Inc. Hospitality
Templin, Kate Marsh Hospitality
Lewis, David Marsh Hospitality
Hernandez, Cari Marsh Hospitality
Tesoriero, Laura EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants International
Collins, Olga Beecher Carlson International
Gonzalez, Jesus Aon International
Suchecki, Meredith Aon International
Bettencourt, Bleu Aon International
Madden, Timothy Aon International
Coyne, Allyson Aon M&A
Harger, Jessica Aon M&A
Polera, Julie Marsh M&A
Parsons, Luke Woodruff Sawyer M&A
Dickson, Jim Lockton M&A
Vassileva, Kremena Aon M&A
Harrington , Sean Marsh Marine
Davis, Scott Aon Marine
Frazee, John Marsh Marine
Brito, Herman Marsh Marine
Smibert, Jamie Aon Marine
Stubler, Thomas Willis Towers Watson Marine
Hammer, Sharon Willis Towers Watson Manufacturing
Taylor, Evan NFP Manufacturing
Nilsson, Brett The Buckner Company Manufacturing
Printz, Warren Marsh Manufacturing
Bourdon, Scott Aon Manufacturing
Dapot, Amy Marsh Manufacturing
Reischman, Philip Alliant Insurance Services Health Care
Yuan, Henry Aon Health Care
Smith, Chris Gallagher Health Care
Lewis, Lorraine Alliant Insurance Services Health Care
Francis, Nicole Marsh Health Care
Hansard, Larry Gallagher Health Care
Whelan, Zachary Aon Pharmaceuticals
Cohn, Matthew Alliant Insurance Services Pharmaceuticals
Villoresi, Darlene Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Bennett, Paula Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Kelley, James Aon Pharmaceuticals
McMahon, Scott Willis Towers Watson Pharmaceuticals
Jakubowski, Matt Gallagher Nonprofit
Munroe, Mark Gallagher Nonprofit
Doyle, Ryan Gallagher Nonprofit
Cyterski, Chris Gallagher Nonprofit
DePriest, Tim Gallagher Nonprofit
Erickson, Lauren G2 Insurance Services Nonprofit
Walker, John Willis Towers Watson Public Sector
McHugh, Michael Gallagher Public Sector
Lowe, Robert Alliant Insurance Services Public Sector
Ramirez, Courtney Alliant Insurance Services Public Sector
Theirl, Julie Aon Public Sector
Chino, John Gallagher Public Sector
Johnstone, Jill Marsh Private Client
Latham, Barbara Marsh Private Client
Killeen, Lynn HUB International Private Client
Pritula, Robert Marsh Private Client
Bean, Andrew Insgroup Inc. Private Client
Almquist, Erika Marsh Private Client
Bidek, Diane Beecher Carlson Real Estate
McEvoy, Mark Marsh Real Estate
Turetsky, Matthew Alliant Insurance Services Real Estate
Mazzaro, Robert Marsh Real Estate
Johnson, David Aon Real Estate
Bohan, Terence Aon Real Estate
Ramirez, Juan Marsh Retail
McCoy, Michael Aon Retail
Sebold, Brian Aon Retail
Yoder, Matthew Marsh Retail
Grynaviski, Christopher Alliant Insurance Services Specialty
Mills, Geoffrey Marsh Specialty
Ferenchak, Kimberly Oswald Companies Specialty
Clements, Amy Alliant Insurance Services Specialty
Williams, Les Risk Cooperative Specialty
Sandler, Jason Marsh Specialty
Palomba, Christine Aon Utilities
Reinhardt, Julie Marsh Utilities
Fee, Cynthia Aon Utilities
Moyer, John Shannon Marsh Utilities
Chan, Clifton Marsh Utilities
DeBruin, Brian Aon Utilities
Jones, Doug RHSB Technology
Adappa, Deepak Marsh Technology
Holz, Peter Aon Technology
Collier, Josh Aon Technology
Santana, Galo Aon Technology
Francis, Scott Marsh Technology
Centeno, Michele Gallagher Transportation
Durkin, Seamus Aon Transportation
Oakley, Owen Marsh Transportation
Rajan, Sanju Aon Transportation
Amos, Allen EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants Transportation
Buchholz, Scott Beecher Carlson Transportation
Murphy, Carol Aon Workers' Comp
Gauss, Brian Marsh Workers' Comp
Schoor, Ettie PRISM Insurance Group Workers' Comp
Tierney, Dennis Marsh Workers' Comp
McElroy, Pamela Marsh Workers' Comp
Heinen, Steve Pritchard and Jerden Workers' Comp