Marsh Broker David Lewis Recognized as a 2020 Hospitality Power Broker

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David Lewis, Vice President, Marsh

David Lewis
Vice President, Marsh
Los Angeles

As a specialist in the gaming and hospitality industry, David Lewis understands the importance of being tuned into every aspect; not only of his clients’ operations but also the operations of the vendors and supporting businesses his clients count on to remain profitable.

Lewis believes that as the culture of the hospitality industry and the technology behind the gaming industry continue to change, solutions for last year’s problems are unlikely to help clients overcome this year’s hurdles. So keeping up with the evolution of the gaming and hospitality industry is the key way to appropriately provide the industry expertise and add value.

In a Lewis success story, an Australia-based slot machine manufacturer was expanding its footprint both in the U.S. and abroad. Through multiple meetings with the client, Lewis was able to drill down its primary concerns and facilitate a geopolitical risk study for the countries that were seen as hazardous and potentially detrimental.

The report generated from the study helped implement contingency plans to mitigate the most severe risks identified.

“David has been an incredible partner to us,” said Wendy Fletcher, senior vice president, finance, Fanduel Group. “It’s rare to work with a service provider who you believe is actually working with you and aligned with your objectives. I can trust David implicitly to provide the best guidance to me and my organization.

“David is exceptional,” added Natalie Schramm, chief operating officer at Peninsula Pacific Entertainment LLC. “On a daily basis, he is considered by all an internal part of our team.”

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