Marsh Broker Lindsay Grimes Recognized as a 2020 Hospitality Power Broker

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Lindsay Grimes, Property Hub Leader, Marsh

Lindsay Grimes
Property Hub Leader
Marsh, Atlanta

Using a math analogy, Lindsay Grimes’s client service approach equation is: Industry Expertise + Responsiveness = Client’s Trust and Satisfaction. Grimes is well-versed in her clients’ business operations, current and long-term industry outlooks and changing market dynamics.

She’s worked on accounts on both the hotel/resort and restaurant sides and while confident in her expertise, she recognizes the hospitality industry is changing rapidly and so finds it critical to continue learning and adapting.

“Lindsay gets things done,” said Rick Price, director, risk management and insurance, Delta Airlines Inc. “Honestly, the way I look at brokers is I need someone who can help me win. She helps me win.”

Nermine Demopoulus, vice president, risk management, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corp., said in the last one and a half years at MVWW, he’s made quite a few broker changes; Grimes was not one of them. “Lindsay’s ability to strategize, adapt and think proactively, not just short-term but long-term too, is unparalleled,” he said.

Doug Stevens, CFO at Magna Hospitality, said where Lindsay really stands out is in her ability to shop around and work with carriers. “Lindsay took an extremely active role, used her incredible relationship with carriers and came back at below 5%. That’s an incredible change,” he said.

“For us to come in with those results due to Lindsay’s work, not only made us look good internally, it made Marsh look really good as well.”

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What is a Power Broker?

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