Risk & Insurance

Who We Are

Risk & Insurance® covers the people, stories and risks that embody the essential functions of risk management and commercial insurance.

What We Do

Some people think of risk management and commercial insurance as staid and dull. Even some insurance executives believe their industry is inferior to the power of Wall Street or innovation of Silicon Valley.

That’s where we come in.

We see Risk as the most pervasive challenge facing business leaders. The world is becoming ever more interconnected and developed while the speed of technological innovation increases and societal unrest grows. The result is the proliferation of new risks at an almost incalculable rate, global turmoil caused by regional events and the correlation of previously independent risk categories.

Without risk mitigation and transfer, primarily through insurance, our economy and society would not exist as we know it. No other profession and industry is so integral to global commerce or impacted by world events.

So what’s not to love?

Risk & Insurance® strives to identify emerging risks and mitigation strategies, while covering the fascinating people who drive the industry forward. We obsess about the myriad ways insurance plays a vital role in our economy. Our goal is to not only inform and help our readers succeed in their careers but also to inspire and motivate.

To accomplish this goal, our coverage is rooted in a set of defining principles:

  • Insurance is Vital.
  • Risk is Compelling.
  • People Matter Most.
  • Storytelling Applies.
  • Creativity is Essential.
  • Positive Outlook

Topics We Cover

While our approach and tone are our most important differentiators, we also provide expert coverage of core topics such as property and liability as well as the many specialties that comprise the risk management and commercial insurance universe. In addition, we are well known for covering specialized risks faced by a multitude of industries such as Energy, Transportation, Construction, Health Care, etc.

Workers’ Compensation and the large ecosystem of related specialties is an area where we particularly excel. Combined with our conference, The National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference and Expo® and our dedicated micro-site, The WorkersComp Forum®, our coverage is unmatched.

Our People

Ed-V2Edward Baniak (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7751 | [email protected]) is the Publisher of Risk & Insurance®. In addition to managing a very successful sales territory in the Northeast and Bermuda, Edward also coordinates various operational functions at the magazine. Having started his career with R&I in 1998, he is the longest tenured team member. Edward graduated from Delaware Valley University with a degree in business. He currently enjoys playing goalie for a few local hockey teams, fishing, golfing, the OBX and spending time with his family.

Dan Reynolds (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7763 | [email protected]) is Editor-in-Chief of Risk & Insurance®. In addition to his responsibilities overseeing the magazine’s print and online content, he is the author of Risk Scenarios. Dan is an award-winning editor and writer with more than 20 years’ experience in journalism, including positions as a reporter for the Pittsburgh Business Times and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Dan graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh.

Kris Kaloupis (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7759 | [email protected]) is Director of Client Services at Risk & Insurance®. She oversees Project Managers, coordinates all incoming advertising order process and digital ad placements as well as supports daily operations of other RIG departments. Kris graduated with a business administration degree from Arcadia University in 2011.

Nate-V2Nate Yeagle (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7768 | [email protected]) is Vice President of Sales at Risk & Insurance®. He co-manages business development for the magazine. Prior to joining R&I in 2008, Nate worked in corporate sales, marketing, and business development for a number of large retail organizations. Nate graduated from St. Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia, with a Master’s in Business Administration focused in Management and an Undergraduate degree in Marketing.

Amy Olimpo (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7769 | [email protected]) is Sales Account Manager at Risk & Insurance®. She is responsible for account management and business development for the magazine. Amy has been a leading media sales representative for the past 14 years in the education and human resource markets. Amy graduated from Albright College with a B.S. degree in marketing. She enjoys cooking, gardening and spending time with friends and family.

Michelle Kerr (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7760 | [email protected]) is National Workers’ Comp Editor and Conference Chair at Risk & Insurance®. Michelle has spent nearly 20 years covering workers’ compensation and safety issues as well as writing about all facets of insurance and risk management. She has served as the coordinator of the Theodore Roosevelt Workers’ Compensation and Disability Management Awards, aka The Teddy Awards, since 2003. Outside the office, her dog takes her for frequent walks, and she serves as unpaid Uber and personal ATM to one super lucky teenager.

Amanda Taylor (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7767 | [email protected]) is a Client Project Manager at Risk & Insurance®. She works closely with clients to execute custom projects and content offerings. Prior to joining Risk & Insurance in 2018, Amanda worked in a variety of industries, including litigation management and manufacturing. When not in the office, Amanda has her hands full with her crazy and goofy sons.

Kristie Strout (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7766 | [email protected]) is a Client Project Manager at Risk & Insurance®. She works closely with clients to execute custom projects and content offerings. She started with Risk & Insurance in 2011. Kristie has also worked in the banking and data analytics industries. She graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in journalism, concentration in advertising.

Autumn Demberger  (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7756 | [email protected]) is a content strategist for Risk & Insurance®. She writes features, is the content producer for Legal Spotlight and manages the digital publication schedule for the site. Prior experience includes writing for a Philadelphia-based health care publication and as a freelancer for the East Penn Press. Autumn holds a bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing from Widener University.

David Agnew (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7755 | [email protected]) is an associate editor for Risk & Insurance®. Prior to joining R&I, he served as the senior editor of Azure, then spent several years as copy editor for a variety of different magazines based in Toronto, Canada. David is a graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Radio & Television Arts and Centennial College’s Book & Magazine Publishing program.

Emma Brenner (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7753 | [email protected]) Emma Brenner is a staff writer for Risk & Insurance®. She coordinates social media and is responsible for compiling features, profiles and The Profession. Emma holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

Raquel Moreno (P: (610) 644-2100 Ext. 7771 | [email protected]) is a staff writer for Risk & Insurance®. She is responsible for writing BrandStudio articles and compiling the People on The Move and News & Notes installments. In addition to her work as a professional writer, Raquel is dedicated to numerous social advancement causes. She actively volunteers with Philadelphia organizations that support humanistic dialogue and engagement. Raquel is a multilingual graduate of Georgetown University.