Marsh Broker Jon O’Neill Recognized as a 2020 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Jon O’Neill, Senior Vice President, Marsh  

Jon O’Neill, CPCU, AU
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Philadelphia

“As a U.S.- based specialty manufacturer with an extensive global reach, we are faced with a very diverse operating environment that continually changes with M&A activity,” said one risk and insurance manager.

“Jon has been essential in building programs and tailoring policy language to address specific contractual needs and consistency across all businesses and locations.”

Most recently the company completed a transaction doubling its size.

“Jon was most effective in assisting in the due diligence of the insurance programs of the acquired company,” said the risk manager, “assessing the coverages and designing an improved combined global program for the ‘new’ subsidiary. The effect of the new combined program provided significant savings to assist the company’s overall synergy goal.”

Another client had a similar challenge from the other side: It had divested significant operations and needed to reconfigure its program completely to a smaller company — but with more exposure.

“We are now a quarter of our previous size in terms of enterprise value but have about three times as many markets served,” said its director of risk management.

“Jon took it on as a personal challenge to drill into our excess casualty program, especially internationally.”

The director of risk thought that senior management’s expectations of savings on the new program were unrealistic, but said that O’Neill largely met them.

“Our excess coverage is completely new. It may look similar, but it’s very different underneath. The result is a completely new program.”

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