Reiff & Associates Broker Skylar Wilman-Saylor Recognized as a 2020 Entertainment Power Broker

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Skylar Wilman-Saylor, Senior Account Manager Reiff & Associates, LLC

Skylar Wilman-Saylor
Senior Account Manager
Reiff & Associates, LLC, New York

Skylar Wilman-Saylor with Reiff & Associates LLC knows that the personal touch is what helps a top broker keep their edge.

“I spend a lot of time developing close relationships with my underwriters,” she explained in her Power Broker® application.

“I ask a lot of questions and I listen, listen, listen. I have learned that I have to give a little to get a little, be willing to compromise, and niceness counts for everything.”

Nic Marshall of Maven Films worked with Wilman-Saylor on a particularly difficult challenge in the E&O space this year, and said she could not overstate how much she appreciated Wilman-Saylor’s work.

Marshall said Wilman-Saylor “goes out of her way always” and that “she always manages to get it done somehow.” Marshall further complimented Wilman-Saylor’s consistently positive personability and her responsiveness.

For another company that focuses on putting on live events, Wilman-Saylor has taken the time to work with it during pre-production to ensure its “out-of-the-box” ideas have coverage.

This helps her client fully realize some of their wild ideas.

“There is always a way to get things done with a little extra work, time and patience,” Wilman-Saylor said.

“I let each client know I am a part of their team and they can reach out to me for anything, even non-insurance related issues.”

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