PRISM Insurance Group Broker Ettie Schoor Recognized as a 2020 Workers’ Comp Power Broker

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Ettie Schoor, President, PRISM Insurance Group

Ettie Schoor
PRISM Insurance Group, Cedarhurst, N.Y.

Health care organizations appreciate partners that understand the risks their employees face every day. That’s why clients of Ettie Schoor are eager to tell you how thankful they are for the partnership.

Schoor has extensive experience helping health care companies overhaul their risk profiles, rein in claims, get employees back to work faster and with a higher satisfaction rate.

For Villa Healthcare, which operates more than 30 skilled nursing facilities, step one was streamlining the program to eliminate the confusion and redundancy of having multiple renewal dates.

Short-term policies were written for 11 programs to bring all of the policy renewal dates in line for 2019.

From there, Schoor and PRISM worked to implement an ambitious collection of safety programs for Villa, from rewriting the organization’s footwear policy to launching a safety observation program to developing extensive marketing and training materials to keep program goals top of mind for employees.

Results of the changes have been dramatic, with a significant decrease in incident frequency.

“They’re really advocates for their clients in such a total way,” said Adam Ostreicher, an attorney and representative for client Highland Care Center.

“They’re just amazing. They’re right out in front. They epitomize [the adage that] an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

“They made us realize what we weren’t getting from our previous broker,” he added. “They’re just there to put you in the best possible position. I have so much gratitude for them.”

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