Aon Broker Brian DeBruin Recognized as a 2020 Utilities Power Broker

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Brian DeBruin, Managing Director, Aon

Brian DeBruin, CPCU, ARM, CRIS
Managing Director
Aon, New York

In a hardening market, every insured and every broker is scrambling for an angle.

Those utilities that have losses face a triple threat: the loss and claim itself; the effect of their loss history on premiums and terms and conditions at renewal; and the importance of negotiated claims for lost revenue on power plants undergoing outages.

Aon’s Brian DeBruin knows how to navigate all these challenges.

“We have had a handful of losses,” said one director of insurance.

“Brian has been my go-to expert on all types of forced-outage insurance,” in particular.

“He painstakingly explained exposures in the current environment, broke down his explanation of what constitutes a forced-outage claim and the triggers for coverage. He walked me through the process in managing it with our various carriers.”

Another client also specifically cited Brian DeBruin’s technical expertise in the sector.

“Brian has done an excellent job supporting us throughout 2019, specifically in our mutual policy renewal with a thorough analysis of the limits and deductibles.”

In one case, a major generator had particularly high power-replacement costs, which had a multiplying effect if it could not find alternate power to meet its commitments.

Based on plant-by-plant analysis that was part of DeBruin’s insurance review, he was able to develop a worksheet detailing the client’s potential exposures to replacement power prices.

That helped the client’s risk management team divide the power-replacement projections by adding some insurance coverage to the group’s existing financial hedging.

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