EPIC Insurance Broker Allen Amos Recognized as a 2020 Transportation Power Broker

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Allen Amos, Senior Principal, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Allen Amos, CPCU
Senior Principal
EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, San Ramon, Calif.

Due to the rise of overnight-shipping, subcontracted food delivery services and an overall higher number of people on the road, the trucking industry is riskier than ever.

No one knows this better than Allen Amos. The former underwriter and active member of the California Trucking Association is well-versed in transportation and keeps his knowledge of the legal side of trucking up-to-date to help ensure smooth renewals. And when things don’t go so smoothly, his responsiveness to emergencies is unmatched.

For example, when a renewal fell apart for a client, restricting them from getting into port, Amos stepped in and prevented catastrophe. By working with an underwriter, he was able to get an extension until they worked out a long-term solution.

Dave Silva, president of Silva Trucking, praised Amos and his entire team for its professionalism: “He is upfront in the way he does business and so am I. We’ve had a great relationship for the past six years, and I don’t see that getting anything but better.”

Not only is Amos constantly working to further his own knowledge of the industry, but he also extends that to his clients as well so they can better understand their own exposure.

“He worked with our attorney on a lot of issues. In certificates of insurance, one little box could make or break you,” said Cindy Kroeger, CFO, Southern Counties Express, on the intricacies of trucking coverage. “He held classes to teach us how to read certificates of insurance. His education for his clients is amazing.”

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