Aon Broker Jessica Harger Recognized as a 2020 M&A Power Broker

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Jessica Harger, Senior Vice President, Aon

Jessica Harger
Senior Vice President
Aon, New York

Aon’s Jessica Harger is a big deal and not just because she assists buyers and sellers in making big deals.

But let’s start with one of these very large transactions. When a deal fell apart, an analysis indicated that the prospective buyer and seller had exposures on their books that could prevent a future sale.

Harger got to work and negotiated a new several-hundred-million-dollar program for the target company.

Within months, she assisted on a new transaction that provided higher limits and which included two new programs for the new buyer. The total limits in the combined deals were in excess of $1.5 billion.

With a background and specialty in tax law, Harger helped another company emerge from a restructuring.

When it emerged from Chapter 11, the company sought to take advantage of some tax credits and sought tax insurance to help defend its position.

Harger led an exhausting and exhaustive process that involved numerous conference calls with the head of tax for the client, tax consultants and tax attorneys for the insurance carrier. Imagine being in the middle of all of that!

“She did a really effective job of communicating amongst all the parties and ultimately negotiating a very favorable policy and policy language for what we wanted to do,” said her admiring client.

“She knocked it out of the ballpark every time,” said another client of Harger’s strengths in tax insurance.

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