Gallagher Broker Chris Herbruck Recognized as a 2020 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Chris Herbruck, Area Executive Vice President, Gallagher

Chris Herbruck, CLU, ChFC, RHU
Area Executive Vice President
Gallagher, Cleveland

The best brokers put their clients — and their clients’ bottom line — first. Chris Herbruck is one of the best.

“Chris is very dedicated to us as his customer,” said Kerry Bohac, vice president, HR, for Centers for Families and Children. “He feels the same as a partner.”

It’s a sentiment you’ll hear from many of his clients.

“Chris treats our money like his money,” said Becky Czerkie, EVP of employee services for MH Equipment. “He never encourages us to provide a benefit or make a change because it would be financially lucrative for him or for his company.”

Dave Holvey, VP and CFO of The Stein Companies agrees.

“He puts himself in our shoes and tries to come up with solutions that work for us, and not necessarily work for Gallagher but work for Stein,” said Holvey.

But that type of service wouldn’t count for much without the industry knowledge and creative thinking to back it up.

“Chris is great about brainstorming solutions, thinking out of the box and several times being on the leading edge with me,” said Bohac. “If there is a new tool or a new product that Chris thinks makes sense, he’s presenting it. And, most importantly, I’ve never felt like Chris wasn’t strategic about it.”

“Chris is always looking for creative ways for us to accomplish our goal to provide good, solid benefits to our employees,” said Czerkie.

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