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How Mindfulness Keeps Construction Workers Safer

National Construction Safety Week is in May. Here’s how incorporating mindfulness can help construction workers stay physically and mentally safer.

White Paper Summary

It’s easy to understand why construction workers have stressful jobs. They’re working on tight timelines, often on projects that need to be structurally sound so that people can live and work in their buildings.

This responsibility can be taxing on workers’ mental health. A 2020 study found that 83% of construction workers had experienced a moderate to severe mental health issue. Construction workers, who often think of themselves as tough, are unlikely to share this information with the people around them — even though many of their coworkers are struggling with the same issues.

“They’re these hard hats — working individuals that don’t always feel comfortable talking about things they are struggling with in the way they may want to,” said Megan Embler, MS, ATC, LAT, an on-site athletic trainer with Concentra.

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