Marsh Broker Deepak Adappa Recognized as a 2020 Technology Power Broker

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Deepak Adappa, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Deepak Adappa
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Dallas

One of Deepak Adappa’s clients, a large technology organization, was going through its D&O renewal in the face of a transitioning market. It had some issues. One of which was a historical D&O “matter” that was working its way through the towers.

Adding to the troubles was a recent drop in stock value, which got plaintiffs’ attorneys trolling to drum up a class action. Carriers wanted no part of the company’s risk unless there was exclusionary language around the stock price drop.

Adappa worked out a deal whereby the carriers could retain the exclusionary language, but the client would agree to a coverage buy-back were a claim to be filed. Adappa was able to erect a $250 million tower where initially the team struggled to build a $50 million tower.

Another client had different problems. It had three claims over the past four years that were hitting its policies. Adappa got the carriers to agree to a 25% increase on the policy extension by leveraging its other lines — cyber, E&O, etc.

One carrier in the middle of the tower, however, would not agree to the 25% bump and wanted a 100% increase. With the tension increasing, Adappa was able to replace the balky carrier and save the tower.

“He’s been wonderful to work with,” a client said. “I just find him to be extremely knowledgeable in the various kinds of coverage that he helps us with. He is a very strategic, thoughtful and out-of-the-box thinker.”

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