2H Human Resources Broker Laurie Miller Recognized as a 2020 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Laurie Miller, President, 2HB Human Resources & Benefits Solutions

Laurie Miller
2HB Human Resources Benefits Solutions, Rockford, Ill.

When an employee of one of Laurie Miller’s clients tragically died on the job, the company was devastated. Luckily, Miller had just helped it change carriers and upgrade its employee life insurance from a flat $20,000 to $50,000.

Miller worked closely with the company, the family, police and the coroner’s office to ensure the death would be declared an accident, triggering a double indemnity payment for the family. Tragedy struck again later that year with the sudden death of one of the company founders. Miller again stepped in.

“We have had a particularly bad year,” said Dave Dettman, president of Quality Transport Co.

“No company our size should have to endure the tragedies we have experienced in one year. Laurie and her staff jumped right in to help with the paperwork and advice. Many of the conversations about business started with a true concern for how we or the families were dealing with the situations and asking what they could do to help.”

When another client saw a large medical claim denied, Miller rolled up her sleeves and made things right.

“Our broker persisted to the next level, guiding us through writing and submitting a letter to the Illinois Department of Insurance,” explained Suzanne Bates, president of Bates Next Generation Farms.

“This request was eligible for an independent external review, and the denial was overturned. Over several months, she and her team remained dedicated to the outcome. They were genuine in their concerns, pursuing a goal while providing support and encouragement.”

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