EPIC Insurance Broker Laura Tesoriero Recognized as a 2020 International Power Broker

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Laura Tesoriero, Managing Principal, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Laura Tesoriero
Managing Principal
EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, New York

One of the biggest challenges for multinational companies is navigating the complex web of local law. Standards vary by country, so no two contracts are the same.

Laura Tesoriero tackles this complexity head on.

Several of her U.S. based clients conduct 90% of their business abroad. They must ensure that every contract, big or small, meets expectations while adhering to local standards. If the language is off, it could result in the client completely losing out on a new opportunity.

To Tesoriero, this is simply unacceptable.

To simplify the management of international contacts, she created a comprehensive matrix of contractual requirements by country, outlining which changes would need to be made to U.S. standard forms in order to be acceptable in the local market.

This means companies can enter into deals with realistic expectations and a better understanding of what to accept or reject in new contracts.

“Laura exceeded expectations with this project when she included coverage definitions for the Tupperware colleagues around the world for each product line and examples on how evidence of insurance varies by country, because certificates of insurance are not standard on a worldwide basis,” said Kimberly Bauman, director of risk management for Tupperware Brands Corp.

Said the global risk manager of another multinational firm: “We share the same mission of making the business better. You can’t do this by yourself. People like Laura are priceless.”

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