Marsh Broker Darlene Villoresi Recognized as a 2020 Pharmaceuticals Power Broker

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Darlene Villoresi, Managing Director, Marsh

Darlene Villoresi
Managing Director
Marsh, Morristown, N.J.

One of Darlene Villoresi’s clients likes to say she is available “24/24/7,” because she’s often able to do two days’ worth of work in one.

“Darlene is a very proactive person, very committed and a hard worker,” said Anne-Soizig Delaunay, general and products liability manager in the corporate insurance department at Sanofi.

“She always tries to find a solution and to ask the relevant person who can best answer our questions. Thanks to her network and market knowledge, she can always propose someone or something.”

Applause for Villoresi’s work ethic spans continents, as many of her clients are global companies.

“Our team is located in Israel, and she is located in New York, which is a seven-hour time difference. She still makes herself available as needed.

“She and her team are very organized with scheduling weekly calls as well, so we have something on calendar to be sure we can connect live,” said the insurance director of an international pharmaceutical company.

Understanding the complexity of managing businesses around the world, Villoresi strives to simplify insurance as much as possible for her clients.

Risks in the pharmaceutical sector are unique, and underwriters typically require an abundance of detail to bind or renew policies. Pulling the data together can be a monumental task.

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