Gallagher Broker Teresa Koster Recognized as a 2020 Education Power Broker

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Teresa Koster, Division Chairman, Gallagher

Teresa Koster
Division Chairman
Gallagher, Quincy, Mass.

When it comes to getting student health insurance coverage, Teresa Koster is the woman for the job. Her clients repeatedly described her as a “student health insurance guru.”

“We have Teresa’s team basically on speed dial. I could pick up the phone right now and call her and get an answer to a student’s health insurance question,” a client said.

Doing double-duty as a broker and a consultant, Koster helped one of her clients completely re-engineer its student health insurance program. “She was really great in developing a strategic approach and knowing the full landscape of health insurance and health related matters in the collegiate context,” her client said.

Throughout the process, Koster helped the school consider several different options for a preferred urgent care provider. The school doesn’t have it’s own student health center on campus. “She helped us focus on what our true needs and wants for the students were,” her client said.

Koster’s knowledge of the sector, and the student health insurance space more specifically, is unmatched, her clients said. “I learned a lot from her,” a client said. “She knows how to navigate the insurance industry, the academic world and health care.”

“She’s a very busy person but she makes time to connect and respond to our inquiries and questions,” another client said. “She makes it a point to address any concerns or challenges that come up.”

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