2019 Power Broker Winners

Below is a complete list of 2019 Power Broker winners. You can sort by winner, firm or category. Click on a winner’s name to view their full profile

Name Firm Category
Rajan, Sanju Aon Transportation
Taich, Brian Alliant Real Estate
Smidlein, Scott Marsh Renewable Energy
Lania, Amanda Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Ranney, Alexandra Gallagher Real Estate
Crowe, Katie Aon Public Sector
Cutter, Ron Brown & Brown Public Sector
Piccinini , Patricia Aon Public Sector
Graham, Karen Gallagher Public Sector
Forcucci, Alexandra EPIC Real Estate
Henthorn, Marcus Gallagher Public Sector
Cole, Seth Alliant Public Sector
Simons Delmedico, Kate Aon Real Estate
Christian, David Aon Real Estate
Anderson, Morgan Gallagher Real Estate
Peiser, Joseph Willis Towers Watson Transportation
Murphy, Liam Aon Transportation
Mitcham, Taylor Aon Transportation
Maconaghy, Jeff AssuredPartners Transportation
Impagliazzo, Maron EPIC Transportation
Wilson, Will McNeal, Sports & Wilson Risk Advisers Workers' Comp
Odom, Amy Marsh Workers' Comp
Murphy, Carol Aon Workers' Comp
Jeske, Jill Aon Workers' Comp
English, Karen Spring Consulting Group Workers' Comp
Brown, Zach Orion Risk Management Workers' Comp
Wheeler, Ross Aon Utilities
Perron, Michael Willis Towers Watson Utilities
Palomba, Christine Aon Utilities
Fraser, David Aon International
Freimark, Samara Willis Towers Watson International
Stack, Lorraine Marsh International
Toffolon , Steve Marsh International
Underwood, Katie Aon International
Walsh, Shawn Aon International
Johnsen, Kierstin Risk Strategies/ DeWitt Stern Fine Arts
Proby, Rose Marsh Fine Arts
Rappa, Anne Aon Fine Arts
Slattery, Molly Aon Fine Arts
Wigglesworth, Casey Aon Fine Arts
Wunderlich, Blair Aon Fine Arts
Whistle, Kristi Marsh Retail
Sliwerski, Kyle Lockton Retail
Slattery, Neil EPIC Retail
Lyman, Cabot Aon Retail
Ford, Christian Aon Retail
Branigan, Kenneth Marsh Retail
Tsalikis, Niki Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Printz, Warren Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Montgomery, Alyssa Aon Pharmaceuticals
Marquess, Natalie Aon Pharmaceuticals
Busch, Stephen Aon Pharmaceuticals
Bennett, Paula Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Nelson , Whitney Marsh Marine
McCluney , Martin Marsh Marine
Davis, Scott Aon Marine
Bryan, Wesley Marsh Marine
Baum, Aaron JLT Specialty Entertainment
Cohen, Seth HUB Entertainment
Evans, Paul Marsh Entertainment
Loughrige, Sherry Aon Entertainment
R'bibo, Daniel Gallagher Entertainment
Wash, David Zodiac Insurance Services Entertainment
Bennett, James Aon Energy
Chirchirillo, Paul Willis Towers Watson Energy
Hurd, Gavin Marsh Energy
Rossow, Jilian Marsh Energy
Sims, Austin Aon Energy
Snelgrove , Lee Marsh Energy
Pousson, Paul Gallagher Education
Given, Byron Gallagher Education
Ethier , Kelly Gallagher Education
Banks, Ken Gallagher Education
Powell, Bill Gallagher Education
Sylvester, Nancy Gallagher Education
Zviti, Ben Marsh Financial Services
Shashaty, Thomas Alliant Financial Services
McCall, John Aon Financial Services
Kirby , Kevin Willis Towers Watson Financial Services
Hustwitt, Jennifer Marsh Financial Services
Hogan, Shane Aon Financial Services
Toy , Marc Beecher Carlson Renewable Energy
Yamada, Erin Marsh Renewable Energy
Shorter, Chris Aon Renewable Energy
Leighton , Mary Brown & Brown Renewable Energy
Baer, Frank AssuredPartners Captives
Buck, DeAnna EPIC Captives
Charnley, Ellen Marsh Captives
Christensen, Kathryn Aon Captives
Felker, Justin Gallagher Captives
Flaxbeard, Jason Beecher Carlson Captives
West, Max Aon Environmental
Webster, Liza Marsh Environmental
Walker, Amber Marsh Environmental
Mead, Kate Willis Towers Watson Environmental
Mann, Kimberly Marsh Environmental
Gaudet, Mike Marsh Utilities
Brown, Alexander EPIC Environmental
Chan, Clifton Marsh Utilities
Morris, Clay Willis Towers Watson Construction
McCaffrey, Timothy Aon Construction
Leadley, Jeffrey Aon Construction
Kosin, Jonathan Aon Construction
Ball, Jonathan Marsh Utilities
Kawa, Trish Marsh Construction
Bullock, Andy Marsh Construction
Storm, Charles Willis Towers Watson Agriculture
Sebold, Brian Aon Agriculture
Riley, John Gallagher Agriculture
Nicholson, Sheneen Alliant Private Client
Glancy Johnston, Katherine Aon Agriculture
Khan, Kashif Marsh Private Client
Gulick, Sandra Aon Agriculture
Ellis Clement, Betsy Gillis, Ellis & Baker Private Client
DeVries , Jodie Marsh Agriculture
Crimm, Traci Aon Private Client
Bostwick, Kerry Aon Private Client
Altschul, Jacqueline Alliant Private Client
Bowlus, Larry Aon Technology
Chahal, Payal Aon Technology
Tindal, Bruce Gallagher Nonprofit
Munroe, Mark Gallagher Nonprofit
Keating, Wesley IMA Select Nonprofit
Dougher, Kevin Johnson, Kendall & Johnson Inc. Nonprofit
DePriest, Tim Gallagher Nonprofit
Cole, Brandon Gallagher Nonprofit
Yuan, Henry Aon Health Care
Roos, Lindsay Marsh Health Care
Robertson, Brandon The Buckner Company Health Care
Kochenderfer, Ruth Marsh Health Care
Burt, Erik Gallagher Health Care
Bartoe, Sollie Gallagher Health Care
Mission, Tammy BeemaBroker At-Large
Atkinson, John Willis Towers Watson At-Large
Bednarek, Joyce Aon At-Large
Wiener, Matthew Aon At-Large
Schimeck, Peter Aon At-Large
Lozada Jr., R. Alfonso Marsh At-Large
Lewis, Coery Aon At-Large
Lee, Romonda Marsh At-Large
Harman, Dave Gallagher At-Large
Falvey, Michael Willis Towers Watson At-Large
Baker, Brian Willis Towers Watson At-Large
Albrecht, Frank Gallagher At-Large
Owen, David Gallagher Hospitality
Murphy, Sean Gallagher Hospitality
Kelley, James Aon Hospitality
Griffin, Ryan JLT Specialty Hospitality
Cisco, Lauren Marsh Technology
Donovan, Dennis Marsh Hospitality
Clark, Martyn Aon Hospitality
Maloney, Matt Aon Employee Benefits
Rankin, Michael Gallagher Employee Benefits
Wurster, Lisa Mercer Employee Benefits
Walton, Tamra Gallagher Employee Benefits
Stangl, Melanie Mercer Employee Benefits
Sears, Matt EPIC Employee Benefits
Rubich, Joshua Gallagher Employee Benefits
Ries, Jeff Gallagher Employee Benefits
Patrick, Mark Alliant Employee Benefits
Nichols, Megan Aon Employee Benefits
Miller, Laurie 2HB Human Resources & Benefits Solutions Employee Benefits
Krach, Pepper Gallagher Employee Benefits
Jaffer, Jamil Mercer Employee Benefits
Hendrickx, Ethan Gallagher Employee Benefits
Varner, Cristina ABD Insurance Technology
Sullivan, Karen Aon Technology
Grigston, Wes Gallagher Employee Benefits
Epps, Frannie Marsh Technology
Fetterolf, Paul Gallagher Employee Benefits
Wallace, Harry Marsh M&A
Baines, John Aon Employee Benefits
Ayala, Timothy Alliant Employee Benefits
Verma, Rohan Marsh M&A
Ramcharitar, Lydia Alliant M&A
Harger, Jessica Aon M&A
Gilbert, Jonathan Alliant M&A
Ashtamenko, Inna Marsh M&A
Young, Susan Marsh Cyber
Parisi , Robert Marsh Cyber
Moen, Alex Aon Cyber
McMullen, Darin Aon Cyber
Ford, Souwei Willis Towers Watson Cyber
Corrado, Justin Marsh Cyber
Willer, William Gallagher Aviation
Smith, Dana JLT Specialty Aviation
Scheige, Rob Willis Towers Watson Aviation
Meinhardt, Brad Gallagher Aviation
Donohue, Matthew Aon Aviation
Calhoun, Michael Aon Aviation