Aon Broker Molly Slattery Recognized as a 2019 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Molly Slattery
Account Executive
Aon, Washington, D.C.r M

Molly Slattery, Account Executive, Aon

Private art collector David Werner had to ship a two-piece antique chair set from Finland to Sweden and then to the U.S. While they were in transit, Werner got the call — the package was lost.

“It was a 130-pound, 5-foot package,” Werner explained. “I called up Molly and she reassured me; ‘Don’t worry, we have them covered.’ Then she immediately put me in touch with the person who handles claims.” Within five hours, Molly Slattery made him feel comfortable about the situation. And luckily, a day later, the chairs were found.

Jeanne Jarvaise, another private art collector, was working to secure her father’s artwork after he passed but ran into a challenge: Some family members didn’t understand why she wanted to insure the art and took legal action. Because she could not get the art appraised, Jarvaise did not want to transport it off her father’s estate.

“My stress levels were super high, but Molly made it all easier, and she worked with me.” When a decision was reached, Jarvaise had four days to get the work inspected, appraised and transported. “She knew what needed to happen and the order it needed to happen in,” Jarvaise said.

Another client, Alvaro Leal, owner/corporate art collector, Global Pacifica LTD, has a large show to protect this year: “We put together a major exhibition, featuring artworks from Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, Clemente and B. Kruger.

“The insurance value was over $20 million, and we were working with multiple collectors. Molly worked very hard to obtain the proper coverage for this show in record time.”

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