Gallagher Broker Kelly Ethier Recognized as a 2019 Education Power Broker

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Kelly Ethier
Sports & Special Risk Broker
Gallagher, Quincy, Mass.

Kelly Ethier, Sports & Specialty Risk Broker, Gallagher

Janitza Matta, insurance and claims specialist, was new to the field when she joined Five Colleges, Incorporated: “I had quite the year. The learning curve was insane.” It was Kelly Ethier, however, who made everything click. “She guided me in understanding the relationships between the schools [within Five Colleges] and their different sport accident insurance needs.”

This past year, “Kelly saw an increase in the premium. During our pre-renewal meeting, Kelly mentioned it would be a good idea to do a risk analysis to see if the fully-insured program was the right way to go for all four schools.”

Matta explained that insurance carriers view the consortium as one entity instead of four individual schools. “Kelly went on her own to research and see if it was worth it for one school to be self-insured or stay under our fully insured program.”

Christopher Paquet, assistant VC policy & compliance, University of Wisconsin Green Bay, said Ethier works like “an assistant and an advocate.”

UW-Green Bay is required to cover student athletes at $90,000 per student under NCAA liability insurance requirements.

The university was having some experiences driving premium and knew it was going up, so they asked Gallagher for help in deciding the next best steps. Ethier needed only six weeks to present a portfolio of all the university’s major sports injuries and places where the university was likely to see more.

“She then honed it down to the top three options,” said Paquet. “It made my job easy.”

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