Marsh Broker Kashif Khan Recognized as a 2019 Private Client Power Broker

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Kashif Khan, Senior Client Advisor, Assistant Vice President, Marsh

Marsh Private Client Services’ Kashif Khan has often been described as “client obsessed” and is known for being consistently accessible, responsive and proactive on serving his clients’ needs.

The retired CEO of a $5 billion public company, who has sat on multiple corporate boards, said Khan has served him well with his complex needs. With four kids, seven cars, multiple homes in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Colorado, and nearly a dozen separate policies, he needed to consolidate.

“I had all this stuff spread out all over the place. Kashif put together the whole package with two companies … He really knows how to use his firm and the right suppliers,” he said.

The CEO said Khan “watches out for what’s best for the client,” not just what’s good for him or the insurance companies. He ultimately referred two other people, his brother and another retired CEO, to Khan.

“Everyone is good at selling you something. No one’s very good at actually doing it, making it happen and responding as you go along. He’s very good with that,” he said.

Another client, a partner in an RIA and comprehensive advisory firm that manages $700 million, noted Khan’s “initiative to get things done.” In one recent example, he put together a proposal and implemented a plan for a client with different ownership entities, multiple houses, vehicles and watercraft in three states.

“He does not come across like he’s trying to sell them something, which is extremely important to these clients. They do not want to be sold,” he said.

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