Gallagher Broker Nancy Sylvester Recognized as a 2019 Education Power Broker

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Nancy Sylvester, CPCU, ARM-P
Managing Director
Gallagher, Baton Rouge, La.

Nancy Sylvester, Managing Director, Gallagher

When risk manager Jayme Naquin had to go out on medical leave from Loyola University New Orleans, broker Nancy Sylvester didn’t leave her client in the lurch.

“Nancy was absolutely amazing. When I had to transition out, Nancy brought in her team — I think she had three people on rotation a couple days a week — to help explain and train on risk management and Loyola’s current portfolio.”

She’s enthusiastic, energetic and great to have access to all times of day, said Colorado Robertson, assistant director, risk management, Louisiana State University.

“She really steps up and engages with our campus community,” Robertson explained. “Nancy is great at bringing clarity to the insurance process for our key stakeholders.”

Ed Nobles, director of risk management, Louisiana State University, said, “She’s amazing. I’ve been in insurance over 20 years and I’ve met a lot of brokers, but out of all of them, I’d give her the highest rating. She approaches the insurance market and coverage challenges with passion and creativity. She has gone above and beyond with both the London and domestic markets to accomplish great things for our university.”

Naquin added that Sylvester’s time as a risk manager for a school board really shines through in her broker career: “She’s always up-to-date with the university and makes sure she’s available. She keeps a pulse on risk management issues and litigation that may affect what we’re doing.”

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