Marsh Broker Andy Bullock Recognized as a 2019 Construction Power Broker

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Andy Bullock, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Andy Bullock
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Boston

When the owner of an oft-delayed project lost its owner-controlled insurance program, the project faced further delays and ballooned insurance costs. The owner gave Marsh’s Andy Bullock 45 days to bind $100 million of general liability limits covering all the project’s contractors and eight years of completed operations coverage and backdated coverage for some faulty completed work that the cancelled OCIP’s insurer deemed potentially uninsured.

Bullock met all the demands, said the general contractor’s risk manager. Otherwise, a shutdown was possible, and contractors would have had to individually purchase coverage — multiplying total insurance costs “several times.”

Another client lauded Bullock for crafting a program for the $2 billion design/build portion of a $5 billion public/private partnership project with substantial third-party risk and highly prescriptive insurance requirements, noted another contractor’s risk manager.

Bullock’s solution for the primary and excess casualty coverage “included utilizing a version of Marsh’s Project Edge product with broad terms and conditions drafted to include contract compliant wordings, as well as utilizing the Marsh Xsellence excess form in the lead excess and all of the excess policies included in the $200M limit,” the client said.

Plus, days before insurance verifications were due, the developer’s broker said it could not obtain the required auto liability coverage. Bullock found contract-compliant coverage within 24-hours, preventing financial and reputational repercussions, the client said.

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