Gallagher Broker John Riley Recognized as a 2019 Agriculture Power Broker

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John Riley, Regional Director, Gallagher

John Riley
Regional Director
Gallagher, White Plains, N.Y.

Compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act is an ongoing challenge for the agriculture sector due to increased scrutiny from the FDA. Food and beverage companies are under greater pressure to verify the practices of their vendors and supply chain partners while also controlling food safety risks in their own operations. Obtaining comprehensive coverage and understanding how to transfer risk effectively is critical.

John Riley, director of Gallagher’s Food & Agribusiness Practice, helps his clients assess the scope of their exposure and ensures all their bases are covered.

“Specifically in the seafood industry, which we play in, his coverage recommendations are just spot on. He knows the industry. He knows what we need and don’t need, and he spends our money like it’s his,” said Warren Vogel, CFO of Ruggiero Seafood.

Justin Marx, CEO of Marx Foods seconded that sentiment: “He 100 percent understands our business and can help me figure out how remote or how serious any given risk is. He’s pragmatic and super realistic; he’s not just trying to sell me as much as he can. He looks at our relationship from a long-term perspective, so he makes sure I have the right products that I need and only the right products that I need.”

Communication and fast service are also two of Riley’s strong suits. Marx said he usually gets a response to a query within minutes. Vogel said, “We weren’t getting the right level of service and communication with our former broker, but John’s always been accessible.”

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