Aon Broker Matthew Donohue Recognized as a 2019 Aviation Power Broker

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Matthew Donohue
Vice President
Aon, New York

Matthew Donohue, Vice President, Aon

“Matthew has improved our program and discovered many potential liability exposures through site visits and in-depth interviews,” said one company director. He has developed an expertise in drones, helicopters and leased aircraft. “This has resulted in us being able to insure these once-unknown liability exposures.”

Being new to the insurance industry, a risk manager said, “Matthew has been patient with me and assisted me. He has done a great job with getting us extra coverage at no cost.” There were also concerns that the rate would increase, because the client had a very large claim in 2017.

“Not only did Matt get the renewal done, it was for about the same amount, and he was also able to negotiate drone coverage as well at no cost. Also, during the negotiation, he was able to lock in pricing for two years.”

The founder and CEO of another client is a staunch environmentalist. “So, being a visionary and green, she has us exploring the development of an ambitious venture,” said the vice president of risk management.

“It is not an easy feat to get insurance for such a venture. To further complicate matters, we were under a time crunch to get coverage placed so the research could begin. Matt secured options for significant limits and broad coverage at a rate that was far less than we expected.

“In another example, a hurricane was bearing down on the place where we base our corporate aircraft. Matt reminded us that our policy covers expenses for moving the plane out of harm’s way.”

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