Marsh Broker Lindsay Roos Recognized as a 2019 Health Care Power Broker

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Lindsay Roos
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Hamilton, Bermuda

Lindsay Roos, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Ascension Care Management already had 12 insurance lines in its program, and it wanted to add an investment manager’s E&O line for its third-party business and venture exposure for its four private equity funds. “We are not the client for typical medical malpractice brokers,” said Holly Meidl, VP, risk services.

Complicating matters, a carrier backed out because of an acquisition that added 30 percent to its exposure. And five days before the policy was to bind, an eight-figure judgment from an old loss came down. Marsh’s Lindsay Roos kept it all from unravelling.

“Lindsay worked with the lead carrier to hold the program together. Because of that relationship, her technical expertise and her ability to make key arguments,” she succeeded, said Meidl, with the new coverages and an additional $25 million in coverage.

Trinity Healthcare faced a different issue.

As several of its financial lines approached renewal, its relationship with the incumbent deteriorated, said Ruth Goodell, Trinity’s SVP, insurance and risk management services.

Meanwhile, a major U.S. carrier withdrew from Trinity’s jurisdiction, creating a hole in its professional liability program. As Roos connected with Bermuda carrier Markel to fill the void, she was “multitasking at her finest,” said Goodell.

“She listens to our concerns, crosses boundaries and helps solve problems. She saved us money when the market was changing and costs were rising.”

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