Alliant Broker Lydia Ramcharitar Recognized as a 2019 M&A Power Broker

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Lydia Ramcharitar, First Vice President, Alliant

Lydia Ramcharitar

In the area of mergers and acquisitions, Alliant’s Lydia Ramcharitar makes her mark as a specialist in employee benefits consulting.

For a client with a poorly constructed benefit plan, she was brought in to complete due diligence on the plan just two weeks before renewal. What she saw was not pretty.

There was a lack of health care coverage for out-of-state employees; the loss ratio was at 125 percent; and there was a pending 20 percent renewal increase. In just two weeks, Ramcharitar was able to revamp the program. She eliminated all exposure, enhanced employee relations and saved the client $150,000 on their health care spend.

In another instance, Ramcharitar helped a client overcome reps and warranties exclusions in its due diligence process. The seller in the deal got an ACA non-compliance letter with an attached penalty of $630,000. Ramcharitar suggested the seller self-report the error, securing removal of the penalty fee prior to the deal closing.

“I could go on and on, I adore her,” said Elizabeth Woodhouse, AVP of human resources and talent, Walden Behavioral Care.

Woodhouse worked with Ramcharitar while at another company and brought the broker with her when she went to Walden. Ramcharitar was able to take a benefits program that was facing double-digit increases and reduce it to single-digit increases.

“She blew it out of the park in terms of knowledge and resourcefulness,” Woodhouse said.

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