Beecher Carlson Broker Marc Toy Recognized as a 2019 Renewable Energy Power Broker

Marc Toy, Senior Vice President, Beecher Carlson

“Marc has been an outstanding resource for our company,” said one director of finance of Beecher Carlson’s Mark Toy.

“He played a critical leadership role in helping us consolidate and streamline our complex insurance program. Our project submission process is now much simpler, and we’ve seen premiums for parts of our portfolio fall by up to half of what we were paying previously and with improved coverage.

Marc Toy
Senior Vice President
Beecher Carlson

“We can now submit projects on a quarterly basis, with automatic back coverage to the beginning of the quarter,” the finance director added. “He found carriers that specialized in our asset types and better understood the risks of our business. As a result, our risk was viewed more fairly by underwriters and premiums were much lower.”

Another client is a utility-scale solar generator. “Marc started on our account just this year,” said a vice president of asset management. “He took over a complex account with complex financing: tax equity, debt, and capital sponsors.

Everything is complicated, our contracts, our insurance, our compliance, and our renewals. Our previous broker just assumed that our program was in compliance, but Marc dug in and found places where we were overexposed and underexposed. He got us better rates and filled those gaps.

“Getting a better rate from our hundreds of contracts was a heavy lift. We could not have done it without Marc’s attention to detail, hard work and understanding of our comprehensive situation.”

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