Aon Broker Jeffrey Leadley Recognized as 2019 Construction Power Broker

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Jeffrey Leadley, Regional Commercial Director, Aon

Jeffrey Leadley, AFSB
Regional Commercial Director
Aon, Chicago

Aon’s Jeffrey Leadley created a risk financing method that looks promising enough to be used in much wider circulation than it currently is. The maneuver is using a captive as a reinsurance layer over the more traditional surety bonds that typically backstop sizable commercial financial obligations.

“It is extremely uncommon in the surety industry to utilize a captive or fronting structure since surety is indemnified credit and not risk transfer,” Leadley noted in his Power Broker® application.

That’s not Leadley’s only uncommon accomplishment. One client needed Leadley to pull off placement of surety bonds as guarantees in some foreign jurisdictions where they were previously using bank letters of credit; Leadley got it done and saved his client almost $200,000.

The client also credits Leadley with keeping his cool in highly pressurized situations.

They said Leadley “remains very calm and does not panic through the process as the deadline nears, a very level demeanor that never sparks alarm for the teams.”

“While Jeff does handle our often challenging day-to-day issues both quickly and efficiently, I believe it is what he does for us throughout the year that brings just as much value to our organization,” said another client.

“His flexible and innovative approach to problem solving has been integral in resolving issues that have allowed us to successfully build our business,” the client said.

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