Aon Broker Christine Palomba Recognized as a 2019 Utilities Power Broker

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Christine Palomba
Senior Vice President
Aon, Providence, R.I.

Christine Palomba, Senior Vice President, Aon

“We recently significantly increased our limits, as many operators in our sector are doing or at least looking at doing,” said one director of risk management.

Fortunately, he said, Aon’s Christine Palomba “was able to pull together large blocks of capacity at reasonable terms and conditions. “Further, she was critical in restoring a relationship with a carrier that had been broken for many years. That was no small feat.

“One of Christine’s greatest strengths is her ability to drive consistency throughout the tower. Any risk manager who has suffered a large loss knows the value of such consistency.”

Another client, a manager of risk and loss prevention, said: “Christine is gifted when it comes to facilitating understanding and agreement.

“She was able to assist us in reaching a named-insured change across multiple lines and carriers in the middle of our coverage year. And she did it with no hiccups.

“Christine also analyzed the potential benefits of moving from a self-insured to a high-deductible workers’ compensation structure based on premium and staffing changes.”

The client said, “Christine set up calls with key underwriters and personnel at our company to talk through the change with each carrier, assuring no one had any concerns. She then provided the affirmative change to any carriers that balked at a mid-year change.

“Christine talked to multiple markets and obtained cursory quotes for moving to a primary program,” said the client, who opted to stay self-insured.

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