Marsh Broker Kimberly Mann Recognized as 2019 Environmental Power Broker

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Kimberly Mann, Vice President, Marsh

Kimberly Mann
Associate Client Advisor
Marsh, Philadelphia

One of Kimberly Mann’s clients, a major academic institution, often receives donations of real estate. She was asked to conduct a risk assessment on the process to manage that property and made several important changes, said the insurance and loss-control manager.

“We were not doing the reports that she felt we ought to and she explained why those were important. She also found some toxic exposure that was an unknown pre-existing condition outside our known excluded.”

And just to show that even the best laid plans can’t cover every possible situation, the client had a minor exposure incident in the middle of a renewal that involved a change of carriers. “Kim was fabulous,” the manager said.

Another client acquired a large energy-processing site with a long history. “Kim got us covered both on a continuing operational basis but also for legacy issues,” said the risk analyst.

“It became almost a script: The project team would ask me, ‘Can we get this or that,’ and I would say, ‘Let me check,’ and Kim would say, ‘Oh sure!’ She was able to present our information in a way that the underwriters liked. It was collaborative. She was an advocate for us but did not try to stick it to the carriers.”

A third client has a separate, stand-alone program for environmental coverage: “We have unique exposures, and Kim was able to manuscript policies for our large, multiple sites,” said the senior risk manager. “That required incredible attention to detail in understanding the complexity of our multiple exposures.”

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