Marsh Broker Inna Ashtamenko Recognized as a 2019 M&A Power Broker

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Inna Ashtamenko, Managing Director, Marsh

Inna Ashtamenko
Managing Director

Marsh’s Inna Ashtamenko is lauded for being a very nuanced communicator. Whether it’s in a presentation to a board or to a panel of underwriters, she is super sensitive to her audience and the need to help the risk manager put their best foot forward.

“What sets her apart is that she understands what a risk manager needs to be successful and what the broker needs to be for that risk manager to be successful in the eyes of the executives at their company,” said a veteran risk manager with experience in the energy and transportation sectors.

“She is just very good at understanding the right fit for our team and getting people on the account to just hustle,” he added. “She is on top of it and makes all deadlines.”

In the case of an acquisition, Ashtamenko’s client was the target company, and the acquirer used a different broker. Given the opportunity to compete for the business, Ashtamenko prevailed. The benefits to the combined companies were substantial: A premium savings of more than $3.8 million and a savings of an additional $23 million in collateral requirements to the insurer. Ashtamenko’s team effectively combined the programs while eliminating gaps in coverage and improving coverage in key areas.

A client also said Ashtamenko is very good at seeing past the glittering reputations of some brokers and instead finding the broker, even if they are more junior, who is a much better fit for the deal or the program.

“She is hands-down the best,” the risk manager said.

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