The Buckner Company’s Brandon Robertson Recognized as a 2019 Health Care Power Broker

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Brandon Robertson
Vice President of Health Care
The Buckner Company, Salt Lake City

Brandon Robertson, Vice President of Health Care, The Buckner Company

Brandon Robertson is a former administrator with an assisted care company and has also worked with an ambulance company. As such, he has a deeper knowledge of health care risks than many brokers might.  He is also willing to deliver an extraordinary level of customer service.

In one instance, a sprinkler line froze in an assisted living facility, one of Robertson’s clients. When alerted to the incident, Robertson drove 40 miles to the facility, bringing his in-house adjuster with him.

With his sector experience to draw on, Robertson assisted the staff at the center in cleaning up the flood waters and moving residents. Robertson worked for hours to help.

“I thought it was an extraordinary level of customer service, “ the client said.

Robertson wasn’t done. He worked for four more months on the claim and on the restoration of the facility, not stopping until the facility was completely restored.

Another facility, another flood, and again, Robertson jumped into help. “He didn’t just sign some papers and go home,” the admiring client said. Robertson worked through the night to help move some 60 residents and help salvage their belongings.

His clients say Robertson frequently outshines other brokers, many of them with national footprints, with his ability to go above and beyond to craft tailored coverage.

Robertson took over one health care account from a national broker. He went on to save the client more than $300,000 in premiums.

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