Aon Broker Sanju Rajan Recognized as a 2019 Transportation Power Broker

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Sanju Rajan, Broker, Aon

Sanju Rajan
Property Risk Broker
Aon, Baltimore

A poor loss history will make renewals challenging, but undergoing an operational restructure accompanied by budget cuts at the same time? Finding affordable coverage would seem all but impossible.

That’s the scenario Sanju Rajan faced with a client with a loss ratio above 360 percent for the policy term, pending claims and a restricted insurance budget to work with.

Rajan worked with the client to develop a stringent risk management strategy, maximizing available resources and marketing to carriers beyond the incumbents that were hesitant to renew. Rajan was able to retain full coverage limits with only nominal increases in rate — a result far better than the company expected.

“Although he does our property insurance, he has become familiar with our liability program and our cyber needs so that he can provide comprehensive advice and understand how all of our programs fit together — thus, he provided unique perspective during our meetings in the market,” said Jonathan Broder, VP, corporate development and chief legal officer for Rajan client Conrail.

Kevin Busath, VP, strategic planning for Iowa Pacific Holdings, said Rajan “held his hand” through a difficult transition period when Busath was thrust into a risk management and insurance role following the exit of a colleague.

“I asked a multitude of really, really basic questions, and Sanju was very good about setting up conference calls with various Aon people to give me a crash course in insurance policies and procedures.”

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