Gallagher Broker Tim DePriest Recognized as a 2019 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Tim DePriest, ARM
Managing Director
Gallagher, Glendale, Calif.

Tim DePriest, Managing Director, Gallagher

The Children’s Bureau of Southern California’s workers’ compensation insurance premium had doubled over a four-year period before the organization decided to move its business to Gallagher.

In the new client’s renewal, Tim DePriest and his team were able to deliver a 19 percent decrease in premium, despite the bureau’s total payroll increasing by 55 percent compared to the prior policy term.

This represented a 48 percent reduction in the overall net rate, or over $400,000 in annual premium — savings that can be used to provide services to an additional 1,000-plus children and families.

“Tim knows the market so well,” said Gayle Whittemore, the bureau’s CFO.

“He not only saved us an incredible amount of money, he and his team have also significantly helped us to manage claims and improve prevention efforts through increased workplace safety.”

Another client, Dan Braun, said that, “when it comes down to it, it’s really an issue of integrity and trust, which Tim has demonstrated over the many years I have worked with him.”

Braun is CFO at Hillsides, which provides residential treatment and other services to at-risk children and their families.

“I know that he is focused like a laser on Hillsides’ best interests, so I’m confident that he’s representing us well,” he said. “I think he is a model of integrity – I don’t have to wonder about his motives.”

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