Gallagher Broker Alexandra Ranney Recognized as a 2019 Real Estate Power Broker

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Alexandra Ranney, CLCS
Account Executive
Gallagher, Cincinnati

Alexandra Ranney, Account Executive, Gallagher

Early in 2018, Panther Pressure Testers was shocked when its brokers at the time presented a sloppy insurance plan barely two weeks before renewal. Company vice president Steve Reeves contacted Alexandra Ranney in a last-ditch effort to fix the plan.

“In 10 days, she was able to put together a plan that covered the very complex insurance requirements we have and saved us a substantial amount of money,” Reeves said. “Her emails started at 4 o’clock in the morning, and she would go on until 10 in the evening, all days of the week.”

Stacey Johnston, the director of risk management at the Southern Land Company, faced a similar situation while trying to bring together builder’s risk and property policies for several different construction projects.

For years, brokers said it could not be done. Ranney made it happen.

“I never saw anyone work so hard,” she said. “Alex put the new policies together so well and so quickly that we decided to drop our previous broker after a 12-year relationship.”

For his part, Alexander Jacob, the president of A. Jacob Masonry, was struggling to convince his bank to adapt its flood insurance requirements for one of the company’s properties. The bank demanded the insurance policy cover the full value of the property, but Jacob argued that a large portion of the value was linked to the land rather than the buildings.

“Alexandra worked with my bank to explain the situation, they accepted it, and the result is that we are saving some thousand dollars a year in that property,” Jacob said.

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