Risk Strategies/DeWitt Stern Broker Kierstin Johnsen Recognized as a 2019 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Kierstin Johnsen
Account Manager
Risk Strategies/DeWitt Stern, Richmond, Va.

Kierstin Johnsen, Account Manager, Risk Strategies/DeWitt Stern

“Kierstin doesn’t just do it by the book or with the best practices; she’s doing her job at the highest level in extreme circumstances. Effortlessly, it seems,” Louie Lane, studio manager, IDY, LLC said.

His studio sends art all over the world, and this past year, Lane had several last-minute changes with a show on exhibit in Brazil. “They’re very strict with their policies. If any ‘i’ isn’t dotted or ‘t’ isn’t crossed, there would be trouble.”

Lane’s show had to move locations, leaving little time to prepare, and since he could not purchase the needed insurance, Kierstin Johnsen stepped in and worked with the studio and the institutions in Brazil to keep the art safe.

“She’s understanding of the circumstances that come with a living artist who houses their own artwork,” said Steve Polaner, studio manager, LaMonte Fine Art Inc. Polaner’s wife is that artist.

When the couple wanted to switch storage facilities, Johnsen knew what to do. “Through the convoluted turns, she was rock steady and stopped the enormous feelings of stress of the artwork being moved.”

“She is diligent, extremely responsive and timely,” added Marilu Knode, director, exhibitions and programs, Milwaukee Downtown Inc./Sculpture Milwaukee. As an outdoor exhibition of artwork, Milwaukee has to be up-to-date on insurance policy changes.

“Kierstin knows the nuances of our artwork, which is helpful in her giving me feedback on the additional security measures we take to protect the work and the public,” said Knode.

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