Willis Towers Watson Broker Rob Scheige Recognized as a 2019 Aviation Power Broker

Topics: Aviation

Rob Scheige, CPCU
Vice President
Willis Towers Watson, Potomac, Md.

Rob Scheige, Vice President, Willis Towers Watson

“We have a first-of-its-kind space system that required a very complicated loss formula to cover,” said one VP.

“Rob structured it in a way that was comprehensible to carriers. He developed several boundary conditions and was instrumental in preparing the policy language. We were also impressed by his ability to take such a complex placement to so wide a market. There is only a subset of aviation that writes space insurance, and Rob was still able to negotiate with about 20 markets. He went beyond just domestic carriers to London, Paris and even Asia.”

Another client’s advanced satellite experienced an anomaly in 2017, said one CFO.

“Rob’s understanding of the technical issues associated with the anomaly and the corrective actions taken by our team, combined with his ability to communicate these issues to the underwriter community, enabled [us] to successfully place renewal policies in 2017 and 2018 at premium reductions of 5 percent and 10 percent, respectively, despite underwriter concerns.

“Rob helped drive an average annual premium reduction of 14 percent over the last seven years, while maintaining a consistent sum insured amount.”

Another client had to complete its annual renewals in the face of several significant technical issues that were experienced in operations. “Rob was great,” said one vice president.

“Rob helped us present a complete, informative and transparent message addressing all the technical concerns of our underwriters. The net result was a placement at the full coverage level we desired and at favorable rates.”

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