Marsh Broker Jilian Rossow Recognized as a 2019 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Jilian Rossow
Vice President
Marsh, Houston

Jilian Rossow, Vice President, Marsh

Although her clients laud her customer service and her industry knowledge, Marsh’s Jilian Rossow wants to be known first and foremost as a team player.

“My clients and my colleagues are my ‘team’,” says Rossow.

But even given that, her clients still single her out for praise.

“She has proven to be very nimble,” said one client.

When our underwriters pushed for more premium, because we have grown and our payroll has increased, she countered that at the same time our claims have gone down.”

In the end, the client said Jilian Rossow was able to achieve a significant premium decrease of 30 percent for their excess tower, even though the company’s payroll increased 40 percent.

Often clients with losses face a double whammy of claims and then renewal. “We were faced with a very difficult renewal because of several adverse events this past year,” said one director of treasury services and risk management.

“Jilian and her team developed a contingency plan of viable alternatives as a fail-safe for the renewal and then guided us through the challenging discussions with carriers.

“A lot went on behind the scenes between Jilian and her team and our underwriters, but in the end, a win-win result was achieved. Jillian pays great attention to detail on our renewals and is also very responsive when claims and coverage questions pop up or when we need input regarding indemnity provisions in our contracts.”

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