Aon Broker Corey Lewis Recognized as a 2019 At Large Power Broker

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Corey Lewis
Vice President

Aon, New York

Corey Lewis, Vice President, Aon

Investment tax credits have been vital for the recent development of the solar energy industry in the U.S., as they allow investors to reduce their tax bill by the equivalent of 30 percent of the investment made in solar projects.

But there is often a risk the incentive can be claimed back, totally or partially by the tax authorities in the future, and to mitigate this risk, the market has developed an insurance coverage that make investors more confident they will not lose the promised benefits.

Corey Lewis, a vice president at Aon in New York, excels in helping clients obtain ITC coverages.

“It is a very specialized product, quite niche, but Corey was able to get us the coverage and as a result, we were able to close our first deal with a bank last year,” said Patrick Schaufelberger, the director of project finance at Enerparc.

“It was a $36 million transaction, and it would not have been possible without Corey’s work.”

Another client trusted Lewis with the task of setting up an innovative program that would encompass current and future solar projects, a significant evolution as its previous policies were arranged on a single project basis. Lewis structured a program with a primary insurer and excess layers that included 11 other carriers. It was a daring approach that had to be sold out to underwriters, the company’s risk manager said.

“Corey developed the market very well,” they added.

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