Gallagher Broker Pepper Krach Recognized as a 2019 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Pepper Krach
Area Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Mid-Atlantic Region
Gallagher, Radnor, Pa.

Pepper Krach, Area Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Mid-Atlantic Region, Gallagher

Employee benefits are complex. Thankfully we have people like Pepper Krach to explain them in easy, simple and innovative ways.

Her communication skills were on full display with Genex Services — which surveyed 3,000 employees, finding that many lacked an appreciation for the consumerism behind high deductible health plans and health savings accounts.

So Krach developed a new way of explaining those concepts — a three-part video series featuring interviews with the company’s CEO, HR manager and senior vice president of HR.

Adding that human touch was far more impactful than sending a PDF or handing out a flyer. In the end, employees felt better educated about their benefit options.

“Her focus is communications and that’s an integral part of where we are with benefits today. There’s no such thing as putting out a booklet and expecting employees to read it,” said Debbi Bromley, senior vice president, human resources at Genex Services.

When a hospital system on the East Coast rapidly made five acquisitions of hospitals and health care facilities, Krach needed a way to help unify the HR employee benefits leaders from each hospital.

So she created a board game called The Destination Employer Game based on managing risk, improving employee well-being, attracting and engaging top talent and controlling health care costs. The primary goal of the game is to establish a combined vision and a spirit of community and collaboration.

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