EPIC Broker Alexander Brown Recognized as 2019 Environmental Power Broker

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Alexander Brown, Assistant Vice President, EPIC

Alexander Brown, AIC, ARM
Assistant Vice President
EPIC, Atlanta

“Just this year Alex [Brown] obtained for us a higher policy limit and realized premium savings versus expiring coverage and also obtained for us an additional $1 million limit for defense outside policy limits,” said one risk, finance and insurance manager.

Brown worked with regulators to draft the language, ensuring the site-pollution policy met financial responsibility requirements.

After that, Brown was able to “align the definition for responsible insured — the person responsible for reporting and disclosing — with our organizational structure,” said the insurance manager.

“He also expanded our asbestos and lead-based paint coverage to include coverage for inadvertently disturbed materials and obtained blanket language capturing third-party indemnities that were provided in leases and purchase agreements.

And just for good measure, Alex limited the material change in use exclusion to account for our renovations and development exposure while maintaining meaningful mold coverage despite our insurer’s amended mold appetite.

For another client, Brown “secured a competitively priced 10-year new and pre-existing conditions environmental policy that facilitated the closing of a shopping center,” said the company vice president.

“Alex secured coverage for the shopping center with known contamination from one historical dry cleaning operation and uncertainty on a second, with no exclusion for dry cleaning solvents. Alex incorporated custom language that allowed the cleanup costs coverage to dovetail with the state remediation program.”

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