Marsh Broker Robert Parisi Recognized as a 2019 Cyber Power Broker

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Bob Parisi
Managing Director

Robert Parisi, Managing Director, Marsh

What makes a broker truly outstanding? The vice president of corporate risk management for a pharmaceutical and consumer goods giant places the bar exceptionally high, and makes no apologies for it: Honesty and integrity, respect for the company’s philosophy and long-term strategy, the highest level of technical expertise, and unrivaled passion all top his list.

And “Bob [Parisi] hits every single one out of the park,” he said. “Bob has earned the respect of myself and my peers, and the respect and admiration of the insurers we work with. There’s probably no one on the planet with more technical expertise than Bob. He’s so passionate about what he does that it’s almost painful — he is beyond passionate.”

The risk manager’s company kept a watchful eye on the cyber market for several years, but didn’t take the plunge until the marketplace could offer the coverage and capacity that would make sense for a complex global corporation. He credits Parisi with “negotiating truly innovative coverage for us.

… There were areas of the coverage I was particularly focused on,” he explained, including systems failure affecting one of the company’s suppliers. With thousands of suppliers in the mix, the language had to be carefully crafted.

“It wasn’t easy,” said the risk manager. “The insurer was, at the beginning, vehemently opposed to what we wanted to do.” Parisi won them over, of course.

“Bob was an underwriter. He understands how the insurers operate. He’s armed with a sound level of technical expertise, and [a keen understanding of] where to push the insurers.”

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