Marsh Broker Clifton Chan Recognized as a 2019 Utilities Power Broker

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Clifton Chan
Senior Vice President
Marsh, New York

Clifton Chan, Senior Vice President, Marsh

“Cliff faced two huge obstacles with our 2018 conventional property renewal,” said one insurance manager. “One of our units had suffered a large loss, one of the largest claims we have ever had.

“Beyond that, several incumbent markets have taken on initiatives that put much of our existing capacity at risk.”

Marsh’s Clifton Chan “went to work early and mapped out a plan that would provide us with as favorable terms as possible and minimizing the rate increase,” the insurance manager said.

“Cliff was able to deliver on the plan and ensure we had the coverage we needed at a reasonable price.”

Not content to place one tough renewal, Chan took up another.

“On our last renewal, Cliff was proactive in reaching out to the markets early in the renewal process to get a read on what they were seeing in the wake of the major storms Harvey, Irma, and Maria [HIM],” said the insurance manager.

“He was able to identify what concerns the carriers had for our upcoming renewal and set a course on how best to address those concerns. Cliff was excellent in bringing us up to speed on the state of the market and managing our expectations and those of our senior management.

“Cliff was able to minimize the impacts of the HIM storms and open claims from the previous year by setting up meetings with our insurers and our internal teams,” the client said. The entire program was renewed en masse.

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