HUB Broker Seth Cohen Recognized as a 2019 Entertainment Power Broker

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Seth Cohen, ARM, CPCU
Vice President
HUB, Encino, Calif.

Seth Cohen, Vice President, HUB

A documentary filmmaker declined for E&O coverage by more than 10 markets was informed that the project was uninsurable.

But those rejections failed to deter HUB’s Seth Cohen, who set up screenings for multiple insurers to identify areas of concern. He also brought in a respected media attorney to advise on the project.

Working together with all stakeholders, Cohen and his team successfully negotiated an insurance program that allowed the filmmaker to screen their film at a major festival, obtain global distribution and win major awards.

“Having worked with Seth over the years, I have come to rely on his knowledge and expertise throughout the production process,” said Paul Taylor, SVP for Lighthearted Entertainment. “A recent production incurred a significant loss due to a weather event. With Seth’s guidance, it was quickly back up and running and the claims process was much less daunting.”

“Seth, on so many occasions has gone above and beyond to ensure that my shows have the coverage needed or requested by the network, even when it is asking for coverages not usually in the realm of entertainment,” said Isabel San Vargas, EVP, head of production and operations at Propagate Content.

“Not only can I count on his advice to be accurate and experienced, but whenever I’m in a situation where we get back quotes that seem ridiculous or impossible, one call to Seth and my problems miraculously dissolve.”

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