Aon Broker Natalie Marquess Recognized as a 2019 Pharmaceutical Power Broker

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Natalie Marquess, Assistant Vice President, Aon

Natalie Marquess, ARM, CIC, CRM
Senior Broker
Aon, San Francisco

Natalie Marquess has gone well above and beyond for her life sciences clients.

“Natalie has done a great job for us, including lowering our costs for product liability insurance quite dramatically,” said Mark Ostler, chief financial officer at 4Life Research. “When I say dramatically, I mean that Natalie was able to cut our product liability cost in half the first year and by another 10 percent in the second year. She is awesome!”

Yundi Chiu, associate director, risk management at Exelixis Inc., began working with Marquess in the summer of 2017, when Chiu took over the company’s risk management program.

While Chiu’s personal expertise involves Sarbanes-Oxley financial compliance, Exelixis’s continued evolution necessitated a full-time insurance professional to work between the operation and the broker.

“Natalie immediately offered her assistance and expertise in the field and did not hesitate to bring me up to speed with the process though clear and concise communication,” Chiu said.

“Her ability to translate needs, prioritize requests and attention to detail has proved herself to be irreplaceable with the trust that she has gained while working with us. If there’s a question, not only will she provide her knowledge, she will exhaust her network as well to share and confirm broader guidance in the industry.

“Natalie has been instrumental in the success of our program through her dedication and continuous proactiveness,” she added.

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