Gallagher Broker Brad Meinhardt Recognized as a 2019 Aviation Power Broker

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Brad Meinhardt
Area President
Gallagher, Las Vegas

Brad Meinhardt, Area President, Gallagher

“We just acquired another airline and Brad did an absolutely wonderful job,” said one CFO.

“That was after he did a superb job turning around our whole program. Our previous broker had given us five days to respond to a renewal, and I did not want to take that. I contacted Brad, and he got us a 60-day extension.”

Another CFO said, “Brad was instrumental in reviewing and placing insurance for our international acquisition in 2018. Brad also assisted with placement and coverage with our new expansion of operations and setting up coverage with our new subsidiary.”

One client replaced a midsized jet with a larger craft: “While it is commonplace for larger airlines, for us it was significant,” said the company president. It was also a busy year for complex claims on several aircraft that Meinhardt handled smoothly, he added.

“Brad worked through that entire process with me and consulted with me regularly on the repairs, the lay-up credits and getting the aircraft back into service.

“Brad made sure we were issued the lay-up credits for the entire time the aircraft had been out of commercial service and was able to save us a substantial amount of money.”

In addition, Meinhardt was able to work through a comprehensive policy that provides more extensive coverage for the client’s aircraft, “while providing the improvements at a lower rate during a period that all rates for commercial aircraft are moving up and several of our policyholders actually dropped us,” the president stressed.

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