BeemaBroker’s Tammy Mission Recognized as a 2019 At Large Power Broker

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Tammy Mission, CLCS
Chief Executive Officer
BeemaBroker, Danville, Calif.

Tammy Mission, Chief Executive Officer, BeemaBroker

When should new businesses start working on their risk management and insurance programs? The answer: From the very beginning.

But for many startups, receiving proper attention from insurance partners can be a tough task, as brokers logically tend to prioritize the largest accounts.

Tammy Mission, the CEO and co-founder of BeemaBroker, itself a young company, earns praise for the support she has provided to new business owners who would otherwise struggle to maximize the benefits of risk management and insurance to their businesses.

“Tammy’s service is exceptional,” said Barbara Timm-Brock, the CEO of eTrack Tech, a tech startup.

“She made me aware that I did not have the right kinds of coverage for my business. She found me a general insurance policy and then, at a very low cost, a workers’ comp policy that was very well-suited to our needs.”

She continued: “I have a complicated business that is hard to insure, but Tammy went through my contract to figure out my needs. She found me an A+ rated carrier for my tech E&O insurance at a much more reasonable cost than I expected.”

Mission’s services also included helping eTrack with licensing issues and referring to other brokers when the company needs coverages that are out of BeemaBroker’s scope of expertise.

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