Gallagher Broker Mark Munroe Recognized as a 2019 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Mark Munroe
Area Assistant Vice President
Gallagher, Lafayette, Calif.

Mark Munroe, Area Assistant Vice President, Gallagher

One of Mark Munroe’s clients, a hospice, was dissatisfied with the service it was receiving from both its joint powers authority and its former broker.

Munroe and his team successfully won the hospice’s business, and then placed the client in the same nonprofit self-insured group as another client, a center for children with behavioral health challenges. That saved the hospice about 3 percent on its annual premiums.

However, taking into account additional service that the broker team provided, the client’s overall savings was 40 percent — considering that the next closest quote from the standard insurance market came in approximately $200,000 higher than the nonprofit self-insured group.

“Mark has been great to work with,” said the contracts manager at the hospice.

Munroe’s approach to client service is to try and learn what the client or prospect is trying to accomplish. He then adjusts his approach to meet and hopefully exceed their goals and expectations. Munroe also tries to educate the client about components within their risk management program that they should be thinking about or haven’t considered in the past.

“We’ve worked with Mark Munroe and his team for over two years now, and they have been very responsive and provide excellent service,” said client Gerald Jose, director of finance of La Scuola International School.

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