Gallagher Broker Morgan Anderson Recognized as a 2019 Real Estate Power Broker

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Morgan Anderson, CPCU, ARM
Area Senior Vice President
Gallagher, Dallas

Morgan Anderson, Area Senior Vice President, Gallagher

Morgan Anderson simplified the insurance program at the Interstate Equities Corporation, where, until recently, its coverages for more than 20 properties were scattered all over the place.

“Morgan consolidated all of our policies under one master policy with a single renewal date,” said Miles Hofmann, the manager of transactions at Interstate.

“It is a much more efficient structure, as the way it was handled before, policies expired based on the anniversary of the acquisition of each property. It created a new policy renewal pretty much every week.”

Another client, Raintree Partners, stumbled on a complex overlapping of insurance contracts while looking at an acquisition. With only 24 staff members, the firm has limited internal insurance expertise. But Lee Pacheco, Raintree’s director of accounting & administration, said Anderson handled the situation with remarkable efficiency.

“Morgan is a valued member of our team,” Pacheco said. “He has helped us to set up coverages for employment practices, fidelity, E&O and earthquake insurance, and he provides us valuable counsel on safety and bonding as well.”

Michael Ortwein, a principal at Focus Real Estate, stressed how important it is for a broker to show an actual interest in the health of the client’s business.

“Another broker might say we need all kinds of coverages for all our properties,” he said. “But Morgan sits down with us, explains to us the pros and cons of each kind of policy in each kind of situation, so we do not pay for redundant costs.”

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